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Nile valley tours introduces itself not only as one of the excellent companies in the field of online tourism, but also as a company that plays a great role in the development and improvement of the Egyptian and international tourist area. Nile valley tours is recognized as a pioneer in e-tourism in the Middle East and Africa. In addition, we offer you luxurious and numerous services that meet all ideas and wishes. The special background is known for our customers who enjoy our exceptional service and resort to our travel offers. Egypt Excursions management and staff have excellent experience in this field. They are well educated, highly qualified and fluent in all languages. In our travel agency you can book: Day trips from /Hurghada/ Cairo/ Luxor/ Aswan and all cities of Egypt Land trips from different ports of Egypt mission We assure you that we offer the best deals and unforgettable vacations with competitive prices. We not only want to buy our activities, but also offer them as well as VIP partners.


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